Rock Chip Repair

Rock chip repair, also known as window welds, are increasingly popular in this day and age. With the high cost of windshield replacements, Silver Mountain Glass can prolong the life and integrity of your windshield with a quick, simple, and affordable fix. Most rock chips can be drilled and filled to prevent them from expanding and spreading, preventing the need for a costly windshield replacement. Generally ​rock chips ​are repairable if they are under the size of a silver dollar. ​

Silver Mountain Glass uses Delta Kit Technology. Delta tools and materials are of the highest quality in the rock chip repair industry. Our rock chip repairs are guaranteed and come with a no-hassle warranty & windshield credit guarantee. If you’re not satisfied​,​ you don’t pay! If our repair fails and your windshield requires replacement, we will deduct the price you paid from the cost of your windshield. Most major insurance companies will cover the cost of rock chip repairs at no cost and without raising your rates.

Our mobile rock chip repairs are extremely affordable starting at just $29.9​5​. Busy during the day? Let us come to you! Give us a call today to schedule your rock chip repair.

Automotive FAQs

No! Generally an auto glass claim will not raise your rates, and will save you money.

Most of the time we can waive all or most of your insurance deductible, meaning your windshield replacement or repair could cost you nothing out of pocket!