HydroShield keeps your glass beautiful for years to come.


HydroShield, is a hydrophobic protection layer that can be added to any piece of glass, new or existing. HydroShield glass restoration can return your glass surfaces to a like new condition. It repels water, hard water build up, and keeps your door looking beautiful, and super easy to clean!

HydroShield HydroShield

HydroShield Glass has been specifically designed to protect windows, shower doors, art glass, glass block, table tops, glass curtain wall buildings and more.


HydroShield Glass is a revolutionary protective coating for glass and glass glazed surfaces. It does not change or distort the appearance of the glass surface. It is not a film so it will not chip, peel or discolor. It works by changing the molecular structure of the glass at the surface. Glass-After-with-Text-300x257It simply replaces the Oxygen molecules within the surface of the glass with Carbon molecules. The finished surface is extremely slick, helping the glass surface to stay cleaner longer. HydroShield Glass also protects the glass surface from hard water damage and staining as well as strengthens the surface from scratching and abrasion.


Go green with Hydro Shield Glass Restoration. Feel good about your contributions to our planet. Use nanotechnology, and a little local responsibility to save your old, hard water coated shower doors. Keep that European shower beautiful.

Get HydroShield added to your shower project and stay free from hard water for years and years.