Glass Samples

A variety of textures

There are so many reasons to add a different type of glass to your space. Whether you’re looking for something for privacy reasons or just to add a bit of texture and beauty, we have everything you could need or think of!

Did you know that there is actually quite a large selection of glass textures? From a bamboo design to the appearance of rain, Silver Mountain Glass has you covered. Browse our gallery of glass samples, or simply stop by our shop and pick out your favorite.

Don’t be afraid to give your glass an edge.

Silver Mountain Glass can create any type of edge available such as ogee, triple pencil polish (waterfall), wave, or chipped. However, below is a list of the most common edges requested:

  • Pencil Polish: A pencil polish has a rounded edge. This is a great solution for glass made protection tops because it blends nicely into the edges of furniture.
  • Flat Polish: A flat polish has a flat edge with a small 45 degree chamfer on the top and bottom. This is recommended for thicker glass, such as table tops.
  • Bevel: Adding a bevel gives your glass a decorative appearance. These are easily found in stock sizes, but can also be custom made.