Things to Avoid with a Cracked Windshield

It has been a long hard winter. Driving through snow and slush for months is almost done, but how has that affected your cracked windshield? A small chip may have turned into a large crack with the varying temperatures. A cracked windshield not only looks bad, but can be dangerous to you and any passengers you may be driving. There are several things you should never do if you have a cracked windshield. So if you’ve delayed getting that windshield fixed, now is the time. Here’s why:

  1. Don’t Drive (if the crack is 12 inches+)
    The larger the crack, the larger the chance that it will shatter unexpectedly. In some states, Utah included, your cracked windshield will need to be replaced in order to pass your safety inspection. Driving with such a larger crack could be extremely dangerous.

  2. Don’t Use Your Defroster
    With cold temperatures still lingering, you may need to use your defroster in the morning in order to see out your windshield. However, applying extreme heat to cold glass quickly could cause your crack to grow, or even break your windshield completely. Instead, warm up your car for 5 minutes before running your defroster.

  3. Don’t Crank Up the Heat or AC
    Just like with our last point, applying extreme temperatures to cracked glass could increase the length of the crack. Avoid using maximum temperatures and settings or else your glass may expand or contract, which could result in breaking.
  4. Don’t Wash Your Car
    Going through an automatic car wash or using a pressure washer could put too much stress on your cracked windshield. Applying that pressure could cause the crack to grow or break entirely. Instead, simply wait to wash or detail your car until the crack has been repaired.
  5. Don’t Jolt the Vehicle
    Any type of extreme motion that would cause your vehicle to jolt could cause more harm. From slamming your car door to driving over bumps at high speeds, avoid jolting the car altogether. This small action could turn a tiny crack into a huge one. That means a small, inexpensive fix could turn into replacing their entire windshield.

While these tips will hopefully be helpful, our number one recommendation is to get your windshield repaired as soon as possible! Don’t wait until it’s too late, or until the entire windshield is compromised. Vehicle windshields are an integral part of your vehicles safety and crash test ratings. Damaged windshields mean you’re not as safe on the road. We are all licensed, certified, and insured installers. Trust your vehicle’s glass needs to Silver Mountain Glass.